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Until end of 2012, this domain "" hosted the website of the "Communities and Small-scale Mining" (CASM) initiative.

After CASM had come to an unexpected end (with a Roundtable on the future of the initiative in 2010 and the announcement of a "better, stronger CASM"), its website disappeared and with it hundreds of valuable files. All documents, shared by members of the CASM Community at the international Annual General Meetings (from 2002 - 2009), presented at national events or prepared as part of CASM projects were suddenly lost. Many publications on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) cited documents available at the "CASM Website" - all these links became broken overnight. Some of the documents survived in private archives; some slowly re-appeared in a scattered way on various other websites.

By end of 2016, the former CASM domain "" had expired and became available for transfer. With hundreds of broken links still poining to it, much harm could have been done to an ASM sector already plagued by marginalization. Fortunately, it was possible to acquire the domain with the intent of providing continuity to ASM knowledge sharing. The new website was launched on 27 Dec 2016. is dedicated and committed to knowledge sharing in benefit of the millions of artisanal and small-scale miners worldwide.

A first step to fulfill this mission was to "bring home" all the lost files from the former CASM website and initiative in form of The CASM Files. is also available to host file archives of other ASM projects or initiatives, to avoid being lost by closure of project websites.

Early 2017, a new section ASM Inventory was added, featuring thematic maps on ASM. A few global baseline studies provide the starting point for updating ASM population statistics with quantitative and qualitative (anecdotic) data.

Other services will emerge in the future. As such, is intended to be part and a network node of global ASM knowledge hub initiatives. Please feel free to contact me to explore opportunities for cooperation.


The CASM Files

Files from the CASM Website
that were previously hosted at this domain



It is not intended to "rebuild" the old CASM site. Thus, it is not possible to re-establish broken links. Instead, the CASM Files archive contains all recovered files with their original filenames (as they were) in a new folder structure, supposed to be sufficiently intuitive to help you locating the file you look for.

A note to authors of the CASM files:

If you have other, additional files from the former CASM Website, please contact me to include them. "We all were CASM" and together we can rebuild the knowledge repository.

Many thanks to Jon Hobbs, who contributed several files I was missing. A particular thanks goes to Estelle Levin-Nally from Levin Sources for contributing the presentations from the CASM meetings in Antsirabé 2006 and Ulanbaatar 2007 and for adding many more files to the collection from the Brasilia 2008 meeting. With these latest additions in 08/2017, most presentations of the Annual CASM Meetings are now available again.

Did you give a presentation at any CASM meeting and you can't find it? Further contributions will be highly appreciated.

However, if anyone would like to have her/his files removed, please just let me know.

The GMP Files

Files of the Global Mercury Project


The Global Mercury Project (GMP) of UNIDO was an important incubator for the Global Mercury Partnership in support of the Minamata Convention. After the GMP project came to its end in 2007, the project website "" went offline in 2012 and all files were believed by many to have disappeared. In reality, the website was just moved to an archive site ( and most files were incorporated in the GEF documentation platform ( Unfortunately some of the most popular search engines fail to properly index the archived PDF files.

With permission of UNIDO (thanks to Jerome Stucki) the "GMP files" are re-published on, so that they can be indexed more easily and found more conveniently.

If you have other, additional files from the GMP, please contact me to include them. Many thanks to Steve Metcalf, who already contributed several missing files.


from various projects


More Rescued Files from various projects

This section is intended to contain partial archives from various projects, i.e. individual lost files that were rescued by colleagues and contributed for sharing on this platform. Currently it contains files from:

  • ESEC II Project on Frugal Rehabilitation Methodology / Thanks to: Jonathan Stacey
  • ...

(Room for other archives)

ASM Inventory

The ASM Inventory section features a database and interactive thematic map on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining, compiled from various global baseline studies published during the past two decades and updated with selected quantitative and qualitative data considered reliable.

The dataset of version 2, released in April 2022, contains 81 countries for which the number of ASM miners has been assessed and 37 countries where existence of ASM can be assumed with reasonable likelihood.

If you have any additional, better, newer or simply different ASM data for any country, please contribute!