332 MUSD diamond production from registered/licensed artisanal miners in 2013 (AMDC-17) at a GNI per capita of 3,370 suggests 100,000 formal miners; including informal miners probably 200,000 in diamond. Additionally, UBC-14 calculated more than 200,000 gold miners, but this seems quite high. → Total of 250,000 seems a realistic estimation.
Min/max: 200,000 as minimum and 300,000 as maximum appear realistic
Female participation: No data but as commonly lower in diamond ASM than in ASGM, perhaps 15% ? → 40,000
ASGM: as above, estimated as 50,000

2018: 150,000

(IGF-18): Table 3

Directly working in ASM: 150,000
Estimated number of dependants: 900,000
Main Minerals: Diamonds

Data inherited from HIL-16

2017: 150,000


In Angola, although mining is also carried out by large and medium scale companies, Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) is more significant. The ASM produce diamond, gold and dimension stones.
The Government had granted mining passes or permits to 594 artisanal miners by end of 2013. The country’s registered/licensed artisanal miners produced about 935 000 carats in 2013. The artisanal output raked in $332 million and attracted an average price of $355 per carat.

2016: 150,000


Directly working in ASM: 150,000
Estimated number of dependants: 900,000

Quoting possibly outdated sources: Data extracted from Dreschler (2001), Mutemeri and Petterson (2002), and UNECA (2011)

2014: 218,000

(UBC-14): Gold-only data produced by statistic modelling:

Expected ASM population: 218,000 
Estimated ASM gold production: 2.5 t/a
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ASM DATA - Country Database Record
Country CodeAGO
ASM StatusExisting (data assessed)
Country Count1
Data year2017
Publ. year2018
ASM Miners250,000
- gold50 ,000
Inc. DevMinno
- min.200,000
- max.300,000
- female40 ,000
ASM Commoditiesgold, diamond
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