According to MIA 2018 “highly probable that these traditions continue

None known

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GMA-182018UNEP (2018): Global Mercury Assessment 2018. Technical Background Report E-Annex. Chapter 3.2. UNEP,…


2018: “Industrial production of gold began in the 15th century. … In Gadabay, … between 1849-1917 … the Siemens Bros Company produced copper ore in the deposit and extracted about 2 million tons ore. Naturally, in those days gold was produced using mercury with primitive (artisanal) methods and it is highly probable that these traditions continue in a minimal way.”

ASM DATA - Country Database Record
Country CodeAZE
ASM StatusExisting (not quantified)
Country Count1
ASM Miners100
- gold100
- min.100
- max.100
- female0
ASM Commoditiesgold
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