Total: The opinion of well-informed SAM project staff member still seems the most reliable estimation. It is considered rather unlikely that the number of miners has decreased since. → 70,000
Min/max: Taking DELVE-19 as minimum. Considering additional 10,000 miners in other commodities than gold, such as development minerals → 60,000 - 80,000
Female participation: 24% as per DELVE-19 → 17,000
Gold: Given the high production of ASM gold (12.7 tons in 2017), rather in the range of at least 60,000

2019: 60,000

(DELVE-19): Country Profile Mongolia 60,000

ASM Employment: 60,000 directly, 240,000 indirectly 
Female Miners: 24%
Formalization: 80% informal  

Materials mined by ASM
•Gold: 12.7 tons (2017)
•Coal, fluorite, limestone, gemstones, and wolfram

2016: 70,000

Personal opinion of well-informed SAM project staff member: 70,000

2013: 50,000

(IIED-13): 40,000 - 60,000

2005: 100,000

Robin Grayson 2005: 100,000

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ASM DATA - Country Database Record
Country CodeMNG
ASM StatusExisting (data assessed)
Country Count1
Data year2019
Publ. year2019
ASM Miners70,000
- gold60 ,000
Data curation as reported
Inc. DevMinyes
- min.60,000
- max.80,000
- female17 ,000
ASM Commoditiesgold, coal, fluorite, limestone
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