Total: based on the 2008 estimation by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, replicated in (IIED-13): 120,000
Min/max: no data that would allow an estimation → 120,000 - 120,000
Female participation: 33% according to data mentioned by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt (0.08 per cent of the active male population and 0.04 per cent of women) → 40,000
Gold: No reports about ASGM → 0

2013: 120,000

(IIED-13): 120,000

2008: 120,000

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt: Digging to survive. Women’s Livelihoods In South Asia’s Small Mines And Quarries.

In the case of Nepal, the labour force survey carried out for 1998–99 made no mention of mining and quarrying, but UNESCAP (2003: 5) estimated that 0.08 per cent of the active male population and 0.04 per cent of women over ten years of age were employed in the mining and quarrying (M&Q) sector. According to the ILO (2003), the labour participation rate of those in the 16–64 years age group in Nepal is high (almost 90 per cent). These data lead to an estimate of approximately 120,000 in the M&Q census category in Nepal.

1999: 500

(ILO-99): Employment: 500
Number of mines: 45
Illegal mines: +/- 5%

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ASM DATA - Country Database Record
Country CodeNPL
ASM StatusExisting (data assessed)
Country Count1
Data year2008
Publ. year2018
ASM Miners120,000
- gold0
Inc. DevMinyes
- min.120,000
- max.120,000
- female40 ,000
ASM Commoditiesconstruction materials
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