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Countries - ASM status, ASM miners and ASM commodities mined

Legend and Parameters to filter the list:

Legend and Parameters to filter the list:


AM Americas

  • AM-N North America
  • AM-LAC Latin America and the Caribbean
  • AM-LAC-ca LAC Caribbean
  • AM-LAC-mi LAC Central America
  • AM-LAC-sa LAC South America

AF Africa

  • AF-N Northern Africa
  • AF-SS Sub-Saharan Africa
  • AF-SS-e Sub-Saharan Eastern Africa
  • AF-SS-m Sub-Saharan Middle Africa
  • AF-SS-s Sub-Saharan Southern Africa
  • AF-SS-w Sub-Saharan Western Africa

AS Asia

  • AS-S South Asia
  • AS-SE South-eastern Asia
  • AS-CE Central Asia
  • AS-W Western Asia (Middle East)

OC Oceania

  • OC-AU Australia and New Zealand
  • OC-ME Melanesia
  • OC-MI Micronesia
  • OC-PO Polynesia

EU Europa

  • EU-N Northern Europe
  • EU-E Eastern Europe
  • EU-S Southern Europe
  • EU-W Western Europe

Income group
(Based on 2018 GNI per capita, or latest available)

  • L Low Income Country
  • LM Lower Medium Income Country
  • UM Upper Medium Income Country
  • H High Income Country


  • Data year Year of quantitative data assessment (as mentioned in reports or first publication)
  • Publ. year Year of most recent publication. (May be first publication or quoting older data)

Inclusion of Development Minerals (Inc. DevMin)
(Minerals for domestic use such as construction materials etc., other than the typical ASM commodities produced for export such as gold, 3T, gemstones, etc.)

  • no Development minerals are not included in the count. The total number of ASM miners is likely higher.
  • some Some development minerals are included in the count of miners but probably not all. The total number of ASM miners may be higher.
  • yes A representative number of development minerals is included in the count of miners. The count appears quite complete.

ASM Status

  • Existing (data assessed) Quantitative ASM data exists or qualitative evidence allows for an estimation
  • Existing (not quantified) Qualitative evidence of ASM exists, but is insufficient for a quantitative estimation. (Note: for technical reasons of correctly displaying this category on the map, a default value of 100 is assigned.
  • Likely existing (suspected) Conditions are favourable for ASM to exist. Evidence not yet identified.
  • None (unlikely) Conditions are not favourable for ASM. Most likely no ASM Country.

Data Curation

  • as reported The number is based on reported data. Reason: Data is considered sufficiently recent and plausible to reflect the current situation.
  • extrapolated The number has been extrapolated. Reason: Existing data is either outdated or partial (not covering the entire country or all typical ASM commodities).
  • supposed The number is a working hypothesis that needs to be confirmed. Reason: Quantitative ASM data has not been found, but qualitative evidence allows for a rough estimation.

CountryRegionIncome groupASM StatusData yearPubl. yearASM MinersData curation Inc. DevMin- min.- max.- female- goldASM CommoditiesCountry Count
American SamoaOC-POn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
AndorraEU-Sn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Antigua and BarbudaAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
ArmeniaAS-WUMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
ArubaAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
AustraliaOC-AUHExisting (not quantified)100100100100gemstones, opal, gold1
AustriaEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
AzerbaijanAS-WUMExisting (not quantified)1001001000 100gold1
BahamasAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BahrainAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BangladeshAS-SLMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
BarbadosAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BelarusEU-EUMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
BelgiumEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BelizeAM-LAC-miLMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
BermudaAM-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BhutanAS-SLMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEU-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
Brunei DarussalamAS-SEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
BulgariaEU-EUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
Cabo VerdeAF-SS-wLMNone (unlikely)0000 0
CanadaAM-NHExisting (not quantified)100100100100gold1
Cayman IslandsAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Channel IslandsEU-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
ComorosAF-SS-eLMNone (unlikely)0000 0
CroatiaEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
CuracaoAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
CyprusAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Cyprus NorthAS-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Czech RepublicEU-EHNone (unlikely)0000 0
DenmarkEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
DjiboutiAF-SS-eLMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
EgyptAF-NOLMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
EstoniaEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Falkland IslandsAM-LAC-san/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Faroe IslandsEU-Nn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
France - French GuyanaAM-LAC-san/a20140as reported000 0gold (see France)
France - French Southern and Antarctic LandsAF-SS-en/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
France - New CaledoniaOC-MEn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
French PolynesiaOC-POn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
GambiaAF-SS-wLLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
GeorgiaAS-WUMExisting (not quantified)100as reported100100100gold1
GermanyEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
GreeceEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
GreenlandAM-Nn/aExisting (not quantified)100100100gemstone, ruby1
GrenadaAM-LAC-caUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
GuamOC-MIn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
GuatemalaAM-LAC-miUMExisting (not quantified)100100100100gold1
Hong KongAS-CEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
HungaryEU-EHNone (unlikely)0000 0
IcelandEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
IranAS-SLMExisting (not quantified)100100100100base metals1
IraqAS-WUMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
IrelandEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Isle of ManEU-Nn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
IsraelAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
ItalyEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
JapanAS-CEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
JordanAS-WUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
KazakhstanAS-CEUMExisting (not quantified)100as reported100100100gold1
KiribatiOC-MILMNone (unlikely)0000 0
KoreaAS-CEn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Korea DRAS-CEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
KosovoEU-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
KuwaitAS-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
LatviaEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
LebanonAS-WUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
LesothoAF-SS-sLMExisting (not quantified)100100100diamond1
LiechtensteinEU-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
LithuaniaEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
LuxembourgEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
MacaoAS-CEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
MacedoniaEU-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
MaldivesAS-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
MaltaEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Marshall IslandsOC-MIUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
MauritiusAF-SS-eUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
MicronesiaOC-MILMNone (unlikely)0000 0
MoldovaEU-EUMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
MonacoEU-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
MontenegroEU-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
NetherlandsEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
New CaledoniaOC-MEn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
New ZealandOC-AUHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Northern Mariana IslandsOC-MIn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
NorwayEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
OmanAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
PalauOC-MIHNone (unlikely)0000 0
ParaguayAM-LAC-saUMExisting (not quantified)100100100100clay, gold1
PortugalEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Puerto RicoAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
QatarAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
RomaniaEU-EHNone (unlikely)0000 0
RussiaEU-EUMExisting (not quantified)100as reported100100100gold, amber, etc.1
SamoaOC-POUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
San MarinoEU-Sn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Sao Tome and PrincipeAF-SS-mLMNone (unlikely)0000 0
SerbiaEU-SUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
SeychellesAF-SS-eHNone (unlikely)0000 0
SingaporeAS-SEHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Sint MaartenAM-LAC-can/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
Slovak RepublicEU-EHNone (unlikely)0000 0
SloveniaEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
Solomon IslandsOC-MELMExisting (not quantified)100100100100gold1
SpainEU-SHNone (unlikely)0000 0
St. Kitts and NevisAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
St. LuciaAM-LAC-caUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
St. MartinAM-LAC-can/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesAM-LAC-caUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
SwazilandAF-SS-sLMExisting (not quantified)100100100100gold1
SwedenEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
SwitzerlandEU-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
SyriaAS-Wn/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
TajikistanAS-CELMExisting (not quantified)100as reported100100100gold1
Timor LesteAS-SELMNone (unlikely)0000 0
TongaOC-POUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
Trinidad and TobagoAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
TunisiaAF-NOLMNone (unlikely)0000 0
TurkeyAS-WUMExisting (not quantified)100100100coal1
TurkmenistanAS-CEn/aLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
Turks and Caicos IslandsAM-LAC-caHNone (unlikely)0000 0
TuvaluOC-POUMNone (unlikely)0000 0
UkraineEU-ELMExisting (not quantified)100as reported100100coal, gemstones, amber1
United Arab EmiratesAS-WHNone (unlikely)0000 0
United KingdomEU-NHNone (unlikely)0000 0
United StatesAM-NHExisting (not quantified)100100100100gold1
UruguayAM-LAC-saHNone (unlikely)0000 0
UzbekistanAS-CELMLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
VanuatuOC-MELMNone (unlikely)0000 0
Virgin IslandsAM-LAC-can/aNone (unlikely)0000 0
West Bank and GazaAS-WLMNone (unlikely)0000 0
Western SaharaAF-NOn/aLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
YemenAS-WLLikely existing (suspected)0000 01
AlgeriaAF-NOLMExisting (data assessed)201420187,000as reportedno6,0008,0000 7 ,000gold1
AngolaAF-SS-mLMExisting (data assessed)20172018250,000no200,000300,00040 ,000 50 ,000gold, diamond1
ArgentinaAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)199920186,000as reportedno5,00010,0001 ,500 6 ,000gold1
BeninAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)2014201815,000as reportedno10,00020,0005 ,000 15 ,000gold1
BoliviaAM-LAC-saLMExisting (data assessed)20212021230,000extrapolatedno220,000240,00075 ,000 200 ,000gold, tin, base metals1
BotswanaAF-SS-sUMExisting (data assessed)2014201815,000no10,00020,0005 ,000 15 ,000gold1
BrazilAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)20142014850,000extrapolatedno650,0001,050,000130 ,000 600 ,000gold, gemstone, diamond1
BurundiAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)2014201860,000no50,00080,00020 ,000 50 ,000gold, 3T1
CambodiaAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)20176,000as reportedno6,0006,0006 ,000gemstones, gold1
CameroonAF-SS-mLMExisting (data assessed)2014201844,000as reportedno40,00050,00013 ,000 44 ,000gold1
Central African RepublicAF-SS-mLExisting (data assessed)20172018450,000no400,000550,00070 ,000 100 ,000gold, diamond1
ChadAF-SS-mLExisting (data assessed)20182018300,000no270,000330,0000 300 ,000gold1
ChileAM-LAC-saHExisting (data assessed)2021202170,000extrapolatedno60,000100,00014 ,000 4 ,500copper, gold1
CongoAF-SS-mLMExisting (data assessed)202120215,000no4,0006,0001 ,500 5 ,000gold1
Costa RicaAM-LAC-miUMExisting (data assessed)201220171,200as reportedno1,0005,000300 1 ,200gold1
Dominican RepublicAM-LAC-caUMExisting (data assessed)201420145,000no3,0007,000500 2 ,000gold, amber, gemstone1
EcuadorAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)20202020150,000extrapolatedno140,000160,00020 ,000 150 ,000gold1
El SalvadorAM-LAC-miLMExisting (data assessed)2,000supposedno1,0005,000200 2 ,000gold1
Equatorial GuineaAF-SS-mUMExisting (data assessed)2014201815,000no10,00018,0005 ,000 15 ,000gold1
EritreaAF-SS-en/aExisting (data assessed)20162018400,000no300,000450,00080 ,000 400 ,000gold1
EthiopiaAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)201620211,260,000no1,200,0001,400,000450 ,000 1 ,024 ,000gold, opal, tungsten1
FinlandEU-NHExisting (data assessed)202020203,100as reportedno2,0005,0001 ,000 3 ,100gold1
FranceEU-WHExisting (data assessed)201420187,000as reportedno4,00010,000500 7 ,000gold1
GabonAF-SS-mUMExisting (data assessed)201920195,000no3,00010,0001 ,000 5 ,000gold1
GuineaAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)20162018350,000extrapolatedno300,000400,000150 ,000 300 ,000gold, diamonds1
Guinea BissauAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)201420147,000no5,0009,0002 ,000 7 ,000gold1
GuyanaAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)2019201923,000as reportedno10,00035,0002 ,000 19 ,000gold, diamond1
HondurasAM-LAC-miLMExisting (data assessed)202120213,000no3,0009,0001 ,000 3 ,000gold1
Ivory CoastAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)20172017500,000as reportedno300,000500,000100 ,000 150 ,000diamonds, gold1
JamaicaAM-LAC-caUMExisting (data assessed)199919991,500no5002,500200 500gold?, unknown1
KyrgyzstanAS-CELMExisting (data assessed)200320046,000as reportedno6,00012,0001 ,000 6 ,000gold, coal1
LiberiaAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)20152021200,000no100,000300,00030 ,000 100 ,000gold, diamonds1
LibyaAF-NOUMExisting (data assessed)201420187,000no1,00010,0000 7 ,000gold1
MadagascarAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)20212021700,000no650,0001,000,000350 ,000 600 ,000gold, gemstones1
MalawiAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)2003201860,000extrapolatedno40,00080,00020 ,000 30 ,000gold, gemstone1
MalaysiaAS-SEUMExisting (data assessed)199920184,600no3,0006,000500 3 ,000gold, gemstone, tin1
MaliAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)20162018500,000as reportedno400,000600,00030 ,000 400 ,000gold1
MauritaniaAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)2017201710,000as reportedno5,00015,0000 10 ,000gold1
MexicoAM-LAC-miUMExisting (data assessed)2014201456,000no40,00070,0005 ,000 56 ,000gold1
NamibiaAF-SS-sUMExisting (data assessed)2018201820,000no10,00030,0002 ,000 1 ,000gemstone, diamond, gold1
NicaraguaAM-LAC-miLMExisting (data assessed)2017201730,000as reportedno25,00040,0007 ,000 30 ,000gold1
NigerAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)20212021600,000extrapolatedno450,000800,0000 600 ,000gold1
PanamaAM-LAC-miUMExisting (data assessed)201820185,000no5,00015,000500 5 ,000gold1
Papua New GuineaOC-MELMExisting (data assessed)2018201875,000as reportedno60,000110,0005 ,000 75 ,000gold1
PeruAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)20192019100,000as reportedno95,000150,00015 ,000 100 ,000gold1
PhilippinesAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)20202020400,000as reportedno300,000500,00080 ,000 400 ,000gold1
RwandaAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)2018201865,000no60,00070,00015 ,000 7 ,0003T, gold1
Saudi ArabiaAS-WHExisting (data assessed)2019201910,000as reportedno8,00012,0000 10 ,000gold1
SenegalAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)2017201767,000as reportedno60,00075,00034 ,000 67 ,000gold1
Sierra LeoneAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)20182016350,000extrapolatedno300,000400,00070 ,000 150 ,000gold, diamond, 3T, zircon1
SomaliaAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)2014201815,000as reportedno15,00015,0000 15 ,000gold1
South AfricaAF-SS-sUMExisting (data assessed)2014201830,000extrapolatedno20,00037,0004 ,500 30 ,000gold1
South SudanAF-SS-en/aExisting (data assessed)20162018200,000as reportedno100,000300,00065 ,000 200 ,000gold1
Sri LankaAS-SLMExisting (data assessed)20132018165,000as reportedno90,000240,00020 ,000 2 ,000gemstone, gold1
SudanAF-NOLExisting (data assessed)201520181,400,000extrapolatedno800,0002,000,0000 1 ,400 ,000gold1
SurinameAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)2021202135,000extrapolatedno30,00040,0002 ,000 30 ,000gold, diamonds1
ThailandAS-SEUMExisting (data assessed)1999201820,000as reportedno10,00030,0002 ,000 0gemstone1
TogoAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)2014201817,500as reportedno15,00020,0004 ,000 17 ,500gold1
VenezuelaAM-LAC-san/aExisting (data assessed)20192019300,000as reportedno250,000350,00015 ,000 300 ,000gold1
VietnamAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)2014201855,000no50,00075,0006 ,000 20 ,000gemstone, gold1
ZambiaAF-SS-eLMExisting (data assessed)20172017500,000as reportedno500,000600,000125 ,000 5 ,000gemstone, 3T, copper, gold1
ZimbabweAF-SS-eLMExisting (data assessed)201820181,000,000extrapolatedno500,0001,500,000250 ,000 600 ,000gold, gemstone, diamond1
AfghanistanAS-SLExisting (data assessed)2016201880,000as reportedsome70,00090,0000 5 ,000gemstone, lapis lazuli, emerald, ruby, marbel, gold, coal, chromite1
ChinaAS-CEUMExisting (data assessed)200320189,000,000as reportedsome7,000,00015,000,0002 ,500 ,000 2 ,750 ,000gold, 3T, coal, gemstone, jade1
ColombiaAM-LAC-saUMExisting (data assessed)20142018600,000extrapolatedsome500,0001,000,000150 ,000 450 ,000gold, gemstone, coal1
Congo DRCAF-SS-mLExisting (data assessed)200720182,000,000extrapolatedsome1,800,0002,500,000600 ,000 750 ,000gold, diamond, 3T, cobalt, copper1
CubaAM-LAC-can/aExisting (data assessed)199920186,000some5,00010,0001 ,000 0industial minerals, salt1
DominicaAM-LAC-caUMExisting (data assessed)19992018200some1004000 0unknown1
GhanaAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)201620211,200,000extrapolatedsome1,100,0001,300,000600 ,000 750 ,000gold, diamond, salt, sand1
HaitiAM-LAC-caLMExisting (data assessed)199919994,500some2,5006,500500 500gold?, unknown1
IndonesiaAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)202020203,600,000as reportedsome3,500,0003,700,000360 ,000 900 ,000gold, tin, coal, diamond, sandstone, sulphur1
MoroccoAF-NOLMExisting (data assessed)20172019100,000some73,000150,0002 ,000 10 ,000lead, zinc, barite, gold, gemstone1
NigeriaAF-SS-wLMExisting (data assessed)202120211,000,000some950,0001,050,00050 ,000 500 ,000gold, gemstones, tin, baryte1
PakistanAS-SLMExisting (data assessed)20142018515,000as reportedsome450,000650,00025 ,000 30 ,000coal, gemstone, gold1
Somaliland SomaliaAF-SS-en/aExisting (not quantified)100some100100100gold, tin, gemstones, kaolin, sepiolite1
TanzaniaAF-SS-eLMExisting (data assessed)201620201,500,000as reportedsome1,000,0001,700,000375 ,000 1 ,000 ,000gemstone, gold, diamond, salt1
AlbaniaEU-SUMExisting (data assessed)200920236,000extrapolatedyes4,0008,0001 ,000 0chromite, marble, construction materials1
Burkina FasoAF-SS-wLExisting (data assessed)201720181,000,000as reportedyes900,0001,100,000300 ,000 700 ,000gold1
FijiOC-MEUMExisting (not quantified)100yes100100sand, gravel1
IndiaAS-SLMExisting (data assessed)2013201915,000,000as reportedyes15,000,00018,000,0005 ,000 ,000 900 ,000gemstones, diamonds, coal, gold, copper, chromite, manganese, iron ore, bauxite, granite, barite, mica, marble, limestone, sandstones, slate1
KenyaAF-SS-eLMExisting (data assessed)20182018140,000as reportedyes130,000150,00050 ,000 40 ,000gold, gemstone, soda ash, diatomite, gypsum, limestone, fluorite, construction materials1
Lao PDRAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)2018201841,000as reportedyes15,00050,00020 ,000 20 ,000gold, gemstone, base metals, tin, construction materials1
MongoliaAS-CELMExisting (data assessed)2019201970,000as reportedyes60,00080,00017 ,000 60 ,000gold, coal, fluorite, limestone1
MozambiqueAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)20222022640,000as reportedyes460,000807,000192 ,000 385 ,000gold, gemstone, tantalite, clay, construction materials, coal1
MyanmarAS-SELMExisting (data assessed)20192019525,000as reportedyes271,0001,228,00052 ,000 173 ,000gemstone, gold, industrial minerals, tin, other metals, oil1
NepalAS-SLMExisting (data assessed)20082018120,000yes120,000120,00040 ,000 0construction materials1
PolandEU-EHExisting (not quantified)2014100as reportedyes1001000coal1
UgandaAF-SS-eLExisting (data assessed)20212021300,000as reportedyes285,000315,000120 ,000 30 ,000gold, 3T, salt, clay, sand, stone1
      ∑ 49,493,600  ∑ 42,909,100∑ 64,314,400∑ 12 ,802 ,700 ∑ 18 ,222 ,700 ∑ 119
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